The SD2 system uses an industry standard 2.4Ghz microphone, for exceptional range, clarity, and added features. The 2.4Ghz microphone gives you 1000-1200 feet usable range, with exceptionally clear audio due to the all digital system. However, the biggest advantages with the 2.4 Mic come with the ability to remotely activate the camera system from the officers belt by simply pushing the “Talk” button on the microphone. The microphone can also be activated automatically when the camera system is turned on (Usually by your lights or a manual switch) to alleviate the officer from having to remember to turn his microphone on during a stressful situation. The Receiver of the microphone system in the car also doubles as the charging base for convenient charging and holding of the belt worn transmitter when not in use.

The SD2 system uses the same great DVR, front camera, and Mirror Monitor as the rest of our systems, for a completely modular camera system. All systems also come standard with our industry leading 3 year no questions asked parts replacement warranty, with lifetime access to firmware and software updates.

Download Our Brochure

10-8 Video System Brochure

Click Here to download a PDF of the brochure.

Other Systems

The 10-8 Video System was designed with some very important goals in mind:


Enclosed in an all metal casing, our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is designed specifically for mobile use. With no moving parts, it is able to withstand a much higher degree of bumps and vibrations than most of the higher priced systems on the market today. By eliminating all moving parts in the recording process, our system will still be recording during the critical times when you really need it.  Read More

The older systems that used any form of video tapes would often show static or blank out at critical moments. This was due to the fact that the video tape was moving across a recording head that was spinning at a high rate of speed. Not real reliable when chasing a suspect off road or over curbs! Now in the age of digital recording, many of the products on the market today have designed their systems around hard drives and DVD recorders. While certainly an improvement over video tape in many ways, they too are very susceptible to hard bumps and vibrations.

Ask any computer technician what the last thing any computer with a hard drive does when it is turned off or put in standby: The heads inside the hard drive are parked in a location to prevent damage to your data should the computer get bumped or moved! By using hard drives and DVDs for vehicle recorders, departments are gambling that the recording will be there when events are not happening so ‘smoothly’.Certainly there are ways to mount and vibration dampen the drive to help reduce the chances of losing critical evidence, but you can not eliminate it. With our no moving parts recording system, our recording media has been tested to continue recording up to a 50g impact!


Admissible Evidence

Defense attorneys will always want to attack video evidence. In particular, digital video that is recorded in a format that is easily manipulated on a computer. Our system records in a proprietary format that can not be manipulated with any commercial video editing software.  Read More

The software included with our system is extremely easy to use and can be used for viewing and saving videos, but they can not be edited. Individual events can be saved on your office computer, and the proprietary format is retained for evidence use in court. But you are given the option of saving a file in a common format for sharing or teaching if desired.


Modular Design

By keeping the system modular in 4 small components, we have a system that is very easy to install and maintain. Should any of the 4 components fail or have a problem, it can be swapped out in a matter of minutes!  Read More

Our system is not only one of the most reliable on the market, it is also one of the smallest! And our 10-8 Video system is not ‘vehicle specific’ as many of the video systems are today. Our 10-8 Video system can be installed in almost any type of vehicle! Many of the systems on the market today have been designed into 1 or 2 major components. This makes installation and problem solving much more difficult. And when a problem arises, they expect you to un-install and return for repair.



Our 10-8 Video System was designed for the small departments that do not have access to the kind of funding the larger departments have access to.  Read More

Most of the major video systems on the market today target their product to larger departments where they can get orders for a large number of systems at once. By using the latest in recording technology and small reliable components, we can provide systems at 1/3 the cost of similar systems.

Optional Equipment

Havis 1 Piece Bracket

Havis 1 Piece Bracket
For the 10-8 DVR in Havis Consoles. Havis Part #C-EB25-T8V-1P.
Available from your Havis dealer or from 10-8 Video for $39.95.

Jotto 1 Piece Bracket

Havis 1 Piece BracketFor the 10-8 DVR in Jotto Consoles.

Discrete In-Car Microphone

Discreet In-Car MicHas a 10′ cable, and can be placed anywhere in the cabin. This powerful Mic will pick up any audio from inside the vehicle, and can be added to any camera system.

Technical Specifications:


  • Video system:
  • Operation:
    IR remote control
  • OSD Language:
  • Working Mode:
  • GPS:
    Yes – with on-screen display Speed/Coordinates
  • Google Map on Play Back:
    Yes – Moving map synced to video.
  • On-Screen Display:
    Date/time, Officer, Speed & Coordinates
  • Crash Sensor:
    Yes – with pre/post record and user selectable G-limits
  • Signal Loss Alarm:
  • Power Shutdown Recover:
  • Security Protection:
    Yes – Locking SD Cover
  • Pre/Post Alarm Recording:
    Yes – User-defined limits



  • Compression Format:
  • File Format:
  • View Mode Resolution:
    NTSC: 720 x 480/352 x 224/176 x 128 pixels
  • Record Speed:
    Up to 30fps per camera (NTSC)
  • Record Mode:
    Constant/motion detection/alarm trigger
  • Record Resolution:
    4 levels (super/high/normal/standard)
  • Search Playback:
  • View Mode:
    Switchable: Front / Rear / Split
  • Play Mode:
    1/2 Camera Switchable



  • Metal Casing
  • Moisture Proof
  • Temperature Resistant
  • 680 TV Line Resolution
  • Auto Day/Night Modes
  • Latest 700TVL 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD II Dual Scan
  • Real Wide Dynamic Range Function
  • ATR-EX (Adaptive Tone Reproduction)
  • Advanced 2D & 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
  • Digital Image Stabilizer
  • HLC (High Level Compensation)
  • Slow Shutter (Sens-up)


Wireless Microphone

  • Frequency:
  • Range:
    Up to 1500ft (Line of Sight Range)
  • Channels:
  • Run Time:
    6hr Talk Time
  • Stand By:
    24hr Stand By Time with Full Charge
  • Misc:
    Integrated Receiver / Charge Cradle with External Antenna


Storage and Backup

  • Video Storage:
    Up to 2 SDHC cards
  • Two Card Slots:
    Each up to 32GB for total of 64GB storage
  • Record Modes:
    Overwrite or stop selectable while SDHC card is full
  • Firmware Upgradeable:
  • A/V Storage Format:
    Recorded data (SDHC card)



  • Audio I/O:
    Two (2) in and one (1) out
  • Alarm/Trigger I/O:
    Four alarm input or auto record from 2.4ghz wireless mic.
  • Pre-Alarm Recording:
    Pre/post alarm recording – user defined (30 sec to 2 min)


Video I/O

  • Input:
    Up to two (2) cameras input
  • Output:
    One (1) RCA A/V output port


Power Supply

  • Working Voltage:
    10 to 32V DC
  • Power Consumption:
    12V DC, 200mA



  • Operating System:
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
  • Playback:
    One (1) or two (2) camera simultaneous playback
  • Maps & G-sensor Data:
    On-screen Google Maps with speed & G-sensor readings
  • Searchable:
    Searchable by event date/time
  • Export:
    Export from proprietary format to common AVI



  • 2in. High x 5.5in. Wide x 4.9in. Deep

Support for the 10-8 Video System:

The links below will always have the latest version of the 10-8 Player for the PC. Feel free to download and install on any PC that will be used for viewing 10-8 based video. Note that it can not be used for any other file formats. It will only read videos from the 10-8 System.

For technical questions or support, you can also email us at service@10-8video.com

2 Channel / Dual SD Card Version

10-8 Video System - Dual SD Cards


If your system supports 2 cameras and dual SecureDigital (SD) cards this is the software you need to play the video.


Firmware Update – ver 13103001 – 10/30/2013 ~ 11.8 MB


  1. Right click on the link above and choose “Save Link As…” and save the file to your hard drive.
  2. Next, put the file onto an SD card and place in the DVR.
  3. Power up the system and the DVR will see the file and automatically upgrade the firmware.
  4. The screen will show ‘Upgrading’ for a few minutes and then re-boot.
  5. Once the system has booted, go to the “Tools” Menu then select “Defaults
  6. Select “Reset Defaults“. This will apply the proper settings in the new firmware update.


Full installation and user manual for users operating the 2 Channel Double SecureDigital (SD) Card version of the system.

10-8 Brochure

You can download and print our latest brochure for 10-8 Video recording system.
*Free Shipping for US only.

Download Brochure (PDF) ~ 0.25 MB

Quick Overview of Player Software

SecureDigital (SD) Version

10-8 Video System - Single SD Card Version


If your system uses SecureDigital (SD) cards this is the software you need to play the video.

Download 10-8 Player (SD) ~ 1.0 MB


10-8 Install Guide

Need help installing 10-8 video system? Download this comprehensive install guide for the dash cam.

Download Install Guide (PDF) ~ 3.0 MB


10-8 User Manual (Short)

It is a short 4-page guide for the end user.

Download Operator Manual (PDF) ~ 0.25 MB


10-8 User Manual for SecureDigital (SD) Units

Full user manual for users operating the SecureDigital (SD) version of the system.

Download SD User Manual (PDF) ~ 7.0 MB


10-8 Install and User Manual for 2.4gHz Mic

User and install guide for users of the 2.4gHz Mic.

Download 2.4gHz Install & User Manual (PDF) ~ 0.15 MB

10-8 Brochure

You can download and print our latest brochure for 10-8 Video recording system.
*Free Shipping for US only.

Download Brochure (PDF) ~ 0.25 MB