We offer truly affordable and innovative video recording solutions for the Law Enforcement community. Our police body cameras and police dash camera systems are designed and built with the officer in mind - durability, reliability and ease-of-use.

Redaction Software Now Available!

  • Seamless integration into DEMS platform
  • Quick and easy video load process
  • Ability to auto detect hundreds of objects
  • Ability to automatically redact any length video
  • Market Leading Accuracy
  • Computationally efficient (quick automation with low computer resources)
  • Any size facial recognition (far away or close in the video)
  • Automated size of redaction block is market leading
  • Works with rapid motion videos
  • Easy to use interface and review process
  • Easy save process
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Just a Few of Our Over 1000 Customers

Adams County Sheriffs Dept MS
Albemarle Police Dept
Alpena County Sheriffs Dept
Alto Police Department
Amerigaurd Security
Amity Police Department
Ardmore F.D.
Arena Police Department
Bellevue Police Department
Benzie County Sheriffs Dept MI
Berkeley Springs PD WV
Berthold Police Dept
Black Mountain Police Department
Blackfork Emergency Services
Blanchard Police Department
Camden Police Dept
Carrizo Springs Police Dept
Caryville Police Dept
Cedar Vale Police Dept
Celina Police Dept OH
Chase City Police Department
Chautauqua County Sheriffs Dept KS
Defender Supply
DeFuniak Springs Police Dept FL
Dekalb County Homeland Security IL
Demark Police Dept SC
Derick Wallace
DLA DSCC Police Dept
El Paso County Constable Pct 4
Elk County Sheriffs Office
Elko Sheriffs Dept NV
Elkton Fire Department
Ellsworth Police Dept
Elmendorf Police Department TX
Elnora Police Dept
Fayetteville Police Department
Fergus County Sheriff’s Office
FIGG Bridge Managers VA
Flowery Branch Police Dept
Forest County Sheriffs Dept
Forsyth Police Department
Fort Bend
Fort Cobb Police Dept
Glasgow Police Dept
Glencoe Police Department
Gooding City Police Dept
Gordon Police Department
Gordon Smith
Goshen Township Police Department
Governor’s Highway Safety Grant
Grants Police Department
Hoboken Police Department
Homestead Police Department FL
Hopkinsville Police Department
Hopkinsville Police Dept
Horton Emergency Vehicles
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Indiana State Police
Independence Police Dept KY
Jellico Police Dept
Jewett Police Dept TX
La Plata Police Dept
LaBarge Police Dept
Lafayette Police Dept TN
Lagrange County Emergency Management
Lake Sammamish State Park
Macon County Sheriff TN
Madison Police Dept, AL
Madisonville Police Department
Mansfield Police Department AR
Mantua Police Dept
Marion County Sheriff WV
New Boston Police Dept TX
New Braunsfels Fire
New Castle Police Dept
New Glarus Police
New Palestine Police Department
Newburgh Heights Police Dept OH
Newport Police Department
Newton County Sheriff’s Office AR

The 10-8 Arsenal Police Dash Camera System

10-8 Video is proud to introduce our new 4th generation system, the Arsenal Police Dash Camera System. Building on the unsurpassed reliability of our previous 3 generations of systems, the Arsenal Police Dash Camera System offers Full HD recording for even greater clarity and detail!

10-8 Arsenal In-Car Video System Screenshot

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The 10-8 Arsenal Body Camera

With cameras everywhere today, it’s becoming critical for Law Enforcement to have the ability to record their civilian encounters. We have all seen what happens when civilians record officers with their cell phone.

The 10-8 Arsenal Body Camera

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have been using these systems for over a year and they are more reliable than higher priced units we have used in the past. We highly recommend these systems!"
Clinton Police Department

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