About The-10-8 Video System

The 10-8 Police Car Video Camera System was a dashcam born out of personal necessity. As an officer and K-9 handler with a small department, funding was not available for in-car video systems. And in today’s judicial environment, they are becoming an absolute necessity! I began looking into the 12 major suppliers of patrol car video systems and was disappointed that they started at about $3,000 and went way up from there. Some even needed additional back end equipment to support the systems in the vehicles. I looked at surplus equipment, but it was very outdated and came with no guarantees to be complete or even work.

So I decided to use my 25+ years in the computer and consumer electronics industry, including several years in management with a fortune 100 company. I knew that the technology was available to put together an all digital dashcam system for a much more reasonable price, and target the needs and budgets of the smaller departments. I wanted a system that would be all digital (no outdated videotape with it’s contact based recording) with no moving parts (not even a hard drive to crash) and I wanted a system that was small enough that finding a place to mount it in a component crowded cruiser would not be a challenge. And, I wanted it to be around $1,000! That’s not asking for too much, is it?

So after a great deal of time in research and product testing, I would like to introduce the 10-8 Video System. It has met and surpassed all of the goals I set for it and more! It is feature rich, extremely small and will mount in most any vehicle. Please take a moment and visit our product page for more information. And view some of the sample videos for actual footage from 10-8 Video systems on the job today.

Over the last few years, 10-8 Video system has become a recognized leader and innovator in the law enforcement industry. We’ve developed and refined our product line through feedback from police departments around the country and continuous in-house research and development. By taking a needs-based, consultative approach to serving our customers, we’re able to offer products that are affordable, high quality and easy to use and deploy. Designed for cost effectiveness, convenience, high-performance and prolonged field use, our in-car video recording products offer state-of the-art features with quality you can rely on.

10-8 Video, LLC. is located in Fayetteville, TN. We work closely with law enforcement departments and officials across the country. If your agency is looking for a cost effective and high performance police-in-car video recording system, call us toll free at 1-888-788-1048 to see how we can work with you.

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