The 10-8 Arsenal Body Camera


The 10-8 Arsenal Body Camera

The 10-8 Arsenal is a dependable Body Camera with a solid design, compact size, True Full-Shift battery life, and free lifetime software. Record evidence using industry leading video quality with impressive resolution, consistent sound quality, and user-friendly controls. Be ready for action, wherever you are, with the portable and reliable 10-8 Video Arsenal Body Camera. Specifically designed for Law Enforcement personnel, this camera is made to endure unexpected impacts, high usage, and extended amounts of video recording in all weather climates.

Main Features

  • Full 12-hour shift battery life (no changing batteries or charging needed)
  • 1080P Recording
  • Repeated 6-foot drop tested
  • IP65 - Water/Dust resistant
  • Photo/Audio/Video recording
  • Review recording in the field, no app required
  • IR included, but not required

The 10-8 Arsenal Body Camera The 10-8 Arsenal Body Camera The 10-8 Arsenal Body Camera

Questions About Body Cameras?

We've written two documents to help you with questions you may have with body cameras and their usage:

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