In-Car Video Systems For Police

Modern police departments face modern challenges, and that means they need new tools to protect and serve their communities. However, budget constraints have left too many law enforcement agencies without the resources they need. The 10-8 in car video system was designed by a police officer for police officers, and this digital evidence collection offers state of the art video technology at an affordable price.

About The 10-8 Arsenal In Car Video System

Our 4th generation system gives police officers new tools to protect themselves, their fellow officers, and their community while working in the field. This high definition system includes no moving parts or finicky hard drives, which is why it offers unsurpassed reliability. In fact, many police departments are still using our original video system released more than seven years ago! We’re so confident in our police camera system that we provide a Full 3 Year Parts Warranty.

Our latest high definition in car video system features

Record 4 Channels of Audio & Video Simultaneously

Some police dash cameras require officers to choose which camera to activate at any given time. However, our comprehensive police in car video system allows your officers to record both video and audio on up to four channels at the same time. And with synced playback, you can review events from four different angles at once. No matter what happens, these cameras will record vital evidence. You can see samples of our police in car videos here.

Unmatched Storage Capacity

With this video system, officers can go for weeks without ever running out of storage. Even if your department doesn’t need 256GB of capacity, this system ensures that storage issues never prevent you from recording important events on the job.

Standard WiFi and 4G Capabilities

That’s right, our vehicle camera systems come standard with built in WiFi. That means authorized users can view a live feed of any camera at any time. Even better, you will have the ability to automatically log and download videos as needed. And with our most advanced 4G option, administrators can even view live feeds from any CDMA or GSM mobile device. Give your officers an extra level of protection by staying connected with them wherever they go.

The 10-8 Time_Slip Feature

Because you never know when trouble will strike, our new Arsenal system will always be maintaining a potential video record in the background. If the system runs out of storage, these old video files will simply be overwritten. But if the officer activates the lights, wireless mic, or turns on the camera, the series of events leading up to the incident will automatically be available for evidence collection. Administrators can even set up the system so that a given amount of time before an event is automatically included in the video record, while also retaining the ability to preview this video as needed.

Why Choose 10-8 Video’s Arsenal Police Car Camera System?

Our technology is sophisticated enough to meet the needs of large, urban police departments, but designed for the budgets of smaller departments. With an easy-to-install and modular design, you can upgrade your in car video systems in no time.

Simply put, our in car video system for police vehicles represents the very best in economy, efficiency, technology, and durability. Our system makes it simple to record, save, and upload video footage to a secure server.

When you need the most reliable evidence collection capabilities, call 10-8 Video to learn more about our police vehicle camera systems. Let us show you how we can help protect your officers today.

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