10-8 Arsenal In-car Video System


The 10-8 Arsenal In-car Video System

10-8 Video is proud to introduce our new 5th generation system, the Arsenal In Car Video System. Building on the unsurpassed reliability of our previous 4 generations of systems, the Arsenal In Car Video System offers Full HD recording for even greater clarity and detail!

Maximize Your Content Capture with 4-Channel Audio & Video Recording

Experience virtually limitless pre-recording and historical review capabilities with the Arsenal system. Designed to continuously archive video in the background, every moment the system is active contributes to a comprehensive, ever-expanding record for your convenience and security.

Built in WiFi: The Arsenal In Car Video System includes WiFi as a standard feature

Automatic WiFi offload comes standard with our system, at no additional cost. Easily offload your video files directly to your server. *Professional installation by an IT Professional recommended.

Dependability of a Zero-Moving-Parts Solution

Similar to earlier iterations of 10-8 systems, the Arsenal solution boasts a non-mechanical design, eliminating hard drives and other moving components that can cause failure. 10-8 Video in-car setups have consistently ranked as the most trustworthy options available. Our commitment to a modular-based system ensures optimal ease of use and unmatched reliability. With a straightforward installation process, users can swiftly replace any of the four primary components, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming professional maintenance.

2TB SSD Capacity plus 128GB SD Card

The Arsenal system offers up to 2TB of storage and comes standard with 128GB SD card. It has an SSD slot for backup, allowing both triggered and continuous recordings. With 128GB, most departments would not run into storage issues for months. If capacity is reached, the oldest events are overwritten to ensure no event is ever missed.

Revolutionary 10-8 Time Slip Technology: Capture Every Moment

Experience endless pre-recording and historical playback capabilities with the cutting-edge Arsenal system. Effortlessly maintain a continuous video record while the system operates, ensuring that every moment becomes a permanent part of your archive with virtually unlimited storage potential.


  • High-definition recording for optimal playback
  • Pre/post-event capture
  • Automatic and manual activation, with crash detection
  • 900MHz wireless mic, up to a mile range
  • Comprehensive 3-year parts warranty
  • Wi-Fi auto downloading ability
  • Solid-state DVR for enhanced reliability
  • 2TB+ secure storage with key access
  • Superior low-light performance and auto-switching
  • Supports 4 cameras per vehicle, with simultaneous recording

The 10-8 Video System was designed with some very important goals in mind:

Enhanced Durability

Housed in a robust metal enclosure, our Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) is engineered for optimal performance in mobile environments. With a solid-state design that eliminates moving parts, it offers superior resistance to impacts and vibrations compared to many pricier systems available. This ensures uninterrupted recording during crucial moments when you need it the most.

Admissible Evidence

Defense lawyers often target video evidence, specifically digital footage that's susceptible to tampering via computer software. Our innovative system utilizes a unique, non-editable format, ensuring the integrity of the footage and rendering it impervious to commercial video editing tools.

Modular Design

By keeping the system modular in 4 small components, we have a system that is very easy to install and maintain. Should any of the 4 components fail or have a problem, it can be swapped out in a matter of minutes!


Our 10-8 Video System was designed for the small departments that do not have access to the kind of funding the larger departments have access to.


Download the Brochure:

Download the 10-8 Arsenal In-car Video System Brochure
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