Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting a blue screen that says ‘no signal’ on my monitor

The blue screen indicates that the monitor has lost the signal from the DVR. Check your video connections from the DVR video out cable. Be sure the connections at both ends are secure.

All my connections are good but the system won’t come on. There is a single light on but the system won’t power up

Check that the lock for the door over the SD card is in the ‘On’ position.

My rechargeable 2.4 Mic doesn't seem to be charging or the battery is not lasting very long

Be sure the switch on the bottom of the transmitter is turned off before you put the mic into the charging base and be sure the mic is all the way down and the charging light is on. Also be sure that the installer connected the power to the charger so that it always has power and does not go off when the vehicle is turned off.

If the above are correct and you feel the battery is not lasting, be sure you are not misreading the indicators on the mic. If you get no lights at all on the mic and it has gone completely dead, then we may need to replace the battery.

If you are just seeing a red light, you may just seeing that the mic is not synced to the receiver/cradle or that you are out of range of the receiver.

The system time seems to be one hour off

Using the remote control, go into the menu and then to system and then to initial. on the right hand side about halfway down turn on the DST and set the start time to 3/21 and the end 11/3. Also make sure your time zone is correct. You can google GMT Time Zone to find out what your time zone is.

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