Dash Cams For Police

As a Police Officer and K-9 Handler, the founder of 10-8 Video was working for a small department with too little funding to afford a Dash Camera system. And so he developed the first 10-8 Police Car Video Camera System. In the years since its inception, the 10-8 Dash Cam for Police has become an industry leader at the cutting edge of convenience and reliability.

For the ultimate digital evidence collection system at a price your department can afford, there’s 10-8 Video.

Why Every Department Should Invest in our Dash Cam for Police Vehicles

A dash cam system allows you and your officers the comfort of knowing that no matter how a routine stop might play out, there will be a record to protect them. A good dash cam offers the following benefits:

  • Records the situation in greater detail, allowing your officers to stay focused on what is most important: safety.
  • Provides clear proof that any use of force was justified.
  • Provides evidence following a criminal encounter.
  • Provides a record if an officer is injured in the line of duty.

Why the 10-8 Police Car Video Camera System Is the Best Choice

Our police camera systems were all designed by a police officer, for police officers. We are attuned to the unique needs of police work and have designed our system with those needs in mind.

  • Our System contains No Moving Parts in order to allow for extreme reliability and durability.
  • Up to 256GB of digital memory for ease of storage and downloading.
  • Our system is designed with the needs of underfunded police forces in mind. That means we work to keep our dash system as affordable as possible.
  • Easily download and store video footage to your evidence collection system.

10-8 Video: The Dash Cam for Police Designed By the Police

If you are looking for the very best in economy, efficiency, technology, and durability, the 10-8 Police Car Video Camera System should be your number one choice.

Our tailored approach is guaranteed to meet the needs of your department and offer the best protection available. To learn more about our modern dash camera solutions, contact us at any time.

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