About 10-8 Body Cams

Need Body Cams?

As technology continues to evolve, there are countless video recording solutions. But only at 10-8 Video will your law enforcement team receive the highest caliber product and service. Don’t settle for just any body cam — find one that fits the specific needs of your officers. Body cams are growing in popularity for a reason: they’re innovative evidence-gathering solutions that minimize the risk of unnecessary force and deter crime.

Why Choose 10-8 Video?

At 10-8 Video, we understand that every single police department has unique needs. Equipped with dash cams from 10-8 Video, police officers will uphold the law to a higher degree than ever before. Our top-of-the-line technology ensures excellent audio and video quality every single time, and armed with the evidence from every police encounter, justice can truly be served. Many times, having the appropriate evidence makes all the difference in a court of law. Without a clear video, defense attorneys can easily target the footage and claim that it’s unclear. At 10-8 Video, defense attorneys will have nothing to question — the footage will speak for itself. Plus, the unique design of our cameras ensures that their footage cannot be tampered with or manipulated using any commercial video editing software. And while other cameras may be made of materials that just don’t hold up, 10-8 Video cameras are fully enclosed in a metal casing. Equipped with high quality software and hardware, our body cams can easily handle any number of bumps, vibrations, and disturbances.

Contact Us Today

Our body cams are designed for smaller departments who may not have the funds to allocate to cameras that are overloaded with features. At 10-8 Video, your police department will be fully equipped with simple yet high quality cameras at a more affordable price than ever. Contact us today and find out how we can help your department reach its full potential.

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