3 Reasons Why Police Officers Should Have Body Cameras

police dash camera system As incidences involving the use of force by police officers grab national headlines and rile the public, some people have proposed a solution to the increased tension between police departments and some of the citizens they serve. Body cameras are relatively new but they are already being adopted by police departments throughout the country. Not only do body cameras protect the police, they help in bridging the gap between some members of the community and the police officers who serve them. In car dash camera systems have already been used by police departments for nearly two decades now and they have proven to be highly successful. There are a number of reasons why police departments should adopt these cameras as well as consider adopting body cameras. Here are three major reasons why police officers have come to value police dash camera systems: They Improve Officer Safety: Being in front of a camera would make any would-be criminal hesitant. There’s nothing quite like video evidence in a trial. Several studies have shown that officer safety is the most positive impact police dash camera systems have for police officers. They Are Great For Training: Dash and body cameras allow law enforcement to review and critique the behavior of officers when they’re on duty. Footage from these cameras are used by police departments as part of their overall training programs. The footage offers officers an opportunity to review police tactics in dangerous situations as well as to address inappropriate behavior. They Are Also Great For Public Relations: Perhaps most relevant to current events, in car police cameras and body cameras enable police departments to show to the public, if they so choose to, what an officer has done during an incident. These cameras have already improved the public confidence in local police departments throughout the country. For more information, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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