Police Body Cameras: A Short And Simple FAQ

In a recent Pew Research Center survey, 52% of police department administrators said that police body cameras would make the public more likely to cooperate with officers. That being said, it's important for law enforcement officers as well as common citizens to have a general understanding of body camera technology. Here's a quick and simple FAQ about police body cameras for sale to help you understand the basics.

What exactly is a police body camera, and how is it different from other types of recording devices?

A police body camera is a small and portable camera that's designed to record both the audio and video of various police interactions. Police body cameras help prioritize accountability and accurate record-keeping from law enforcement officers. In addition, these devices hold both law enforcement officers and citizens accountable for their actions.
The main difference between body cams and dashboard cams is their placement. Body cams are typically worn on an officer's shirt or jacket, while dash cams are mounted on the dashboard of an officer's vehicle.

How can a citizen tell whether or not they are being recorded by an officer's body camera?

Typically, body cameras have a small light that blinks when the device is actively recording. If a citizen is unsure as to whether or not they're being recorded, they have the right to ask, and the officer must legally disclose whether they're under surveillance.

How effective are body cameras at deterring and preventing crime?

Various data gathered over the years very clearly shows body cams to be an effective deterrent for crime and corrupt behavior. One of the first major studies involved the introduction of body cams to approximately 70 officers in Rialto, California. It concluded that body cams reduced officers' use of force by 60% and overall complaints had plummeted by 88%. A number of studies have taken place since, and they all demonstrate the exact same trend: body cameras are an incredibly viable way to improve conduct and reduce corrupt behaviors with law officers of all kinds.
Ultimately, understanding the main benefits of police body cameras for sale can help you and your department make the right decision regarding both officer and citizen safety and conduct.

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