Police Car Cameras Offer a Solution to the Damaged Relationship Between the Police and Public

police car video camera As tensions continue to grow between the American public and local law enforcement agencies, methods for rebuilding a trusting relationship between police officers and the public are more important than ever. One of the major issues that has added to a damaged relationship is differing accounts of what happened during incidents that involve the police and citizens. Take, for example, the recent shooting of a teenager in Ferguson, MO. The local police department had a different take on the situation that led to the shooting than residents who witnessed the event. The lack of an unbiased account of what really happened is what has led to major disputes and riots in the Ferguson community. What can be done to avoid situations like this in the future? Police car video cameras provide a valuable solution. What is a Police Car Video Camera? A police car video camera is a video recording device that is installed in law enforcement vehicles. They record interactions between the police and the public, providing a truthful account of what happens during these interactions. Over 70% of state and highway police cars are currently equipped with in car camera systems to monitor routine traffic stops; however, many local police agencies lack the technology in their vehicles. Following the incident in Ferguson, MO, officials in states across the country are pushing for legislation to require all police vehicles to have cameras installed. What are the Benefits of Police Car Video Cameras? There are many proven benefits to equipping police vehicles with in car video systems. One of the greatest advantages is that they provide an unbiased account in controversial situations. The video footage captures exactly what happened, and therefore can settle disputes that are likely to arise. Cameras have also been shown to increase police professionalism. Knowing that their actions are being recorded, officers are more likely to act in a professional manner. It also allows police agencies to keep track of officer misconduct and take the necessary steps to stop it. Finally, police car cameras decrease safety hazards for police officers. Since they are able to review video footage from their cars, officers can see situations in which they might have unintentionally put themselves in danger and make an effort to avoid doing so in the future. With public distrust in the police at an all time high, something needs to be done to salvage the relationship between the two. Police car video cameras can offer a solution in these times of dispute and controversy.

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