3 Essential Components to Seek Out in Police Body Cameras

When taking stock of police body camera benefits, the list is practically endless. Not only do these devices provide a record of police interactions with civilians, which can enhance evidence collection efforts, but they can ultimately help both officers and civilians alike when it comes to casting blame or proving innocence.
Considering that 66% of officers and 93% of civilians favor the use of police body cams, it's important to look for the right qualities when purchasing these devices. Let's take a closer look at what those ever-important qualities are.

Battery Life

While a police body camera or dashboard camera won't be recording constantly, it's still important to choose a model with a hefty battery life. When it comes to dangerous or potentially tricky legal situations, recorded evidence is one of the most clarifying factors. Losing that valuable footage to a short battery life is nothing short of a huge issue for all parties involved. When you're considering body camera options, a camera with an interchangeable battery may be a good idea. That way if a battery does run out, there's another readily available so recording can continue at all times.


Police officers experience any number of dangerous and even life-threatening situations on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that also means their body cameras are subjected to some pretty rough and tumble conditions. A camera that breaks after one fall definitely isn't a camera you want your police officers to be using! Instead, make sure your body cameras are all rated for high durability. A waterproof option may be an excellent investment as well. Rain, sleet, snow, or mud, officers and cameras alike should be prepared to battle the elements.

Video Resolution

Video evidence is valuable no matter the situation. It's just one of many police body camera benefits that officers and law officers rely on. That being said, poor video resolution can obscure faces, important details, license plate numbers, and even distort audio in some cases. If you want your officers' interactions recorded and usable, it's important to make high video resolution one of your key considerations for choosing body cameras.
When it comes to police body camera benefits, there are countless items to consider. But before you can reap any of these benefits, it's crucial to invest in the best video recording equipment available. Make sure you're considering the above factors when you make your purchase.

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