The 10-8 BC-2 Body Camera REPLACES Your Existing Mic

The 10-8 BC-2 Body Camera

With cameras everywhere today, it’s becoming critical for Law Enforcement to have the ability to record their civilian encounters. We have all seen what happens when civilians record officers with their cell phone. Too often these recordings are started late and/or at a bad angle, and do not accurately represent what actually happened.

With the 10-8 BC-2 Police Body Cam you can now record the officer’s side of the events. Without the need to add additional equipment to the already equipment heavy uniform. Just replace your existing walkie mic that you are already using with the new 10-8 BC-2 Body Camera. Nothing new to find a place for on your uniform. Easy to use with the already familiar talk button on one side and the record button on the other.

Main Features

  • Replaces existing microphone (Kenwood and Motorola radios, more soon!)
  • Automatic IR for filming in total darkness
  • Full shift battery life
  • 32gb of memory
  • Optional GPS capabilities
  • Password protected file access
  • Can be used without cord as standalone recorder
  • 16 megapixel still image capture
  • Audio only capture capability
  • Video resolution 1080p (HD)
  • Drop, shock and water resistant
  • Officer ID and date/time stamp
  • Includes 1 120v charger and 1 12v cigarette adapter charger
  • 1.5″ Monitor for instant playback of recorded events

Questions About Body Cameras?

We've written two documents to help you with questions you may have with body cameras and their usage:

Download the Brochure:

Download the 10-8 BC-2 Body Camera Brochure

Download the Spec Sheet:

Download the 10-8 BC-2 Body Camera Spec Sheet

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