Support for the 10-8 BC-1 & BC-2 Body Camera

The 10-8 BC-2 Police Body Camera


Download Manual for BC-1 [PDF] ~ 1.5 MB

Download Manual for BC-2 [PDF] ~ 9.3 MB


The body camera software is included with the initial shipment of body cams but a supervisor will need to contact 10-8 Video either by email at [email protected] or phone (1-888-788-1048) for a copy.

Software Notes

  • The body camera software MUST be running before connecting the BC-2 Body Camera to the computer.
  • If the software is not running before the BC-2 Body Camera is connected, the BC-2 will simply charge its battery.
  • Exiting the software while the BC-2 Body Camera is connected to the computer will enter the BC-2 Body Camera back into charging mode.

Body camera software for the 10-8 BC-2 body camera.

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