The 10-8 BCS Body Camera

The 10-8 BCS Body Camera

The 10-8 BCS is a dependable Body Camera with a solid design, compact size, True Full-Shift battery life, and free lifetime software. Record evidence using industry leading video quality with impressive resolution, consistent sound quality, and user-friendly controls. Be ready for action, wherever you are, with the portable and reliable 10-8 Video BCS Body Camera. Specifically designed for Law Enforcement personnel, this camera is made to endure unexpected impacts, high usage, and extended amounts of video recording in all weather climates.

Main Features

  • 12-hour battery life to last an entire shift for optimal performance. Available at a 14-hour standby-time with 11-hours of actual record time at 1080p including pre-record, or 16 hours of record time at 480p.
  • COVERT Mode to ensure the wearer’s safety in potentially hazardous situations. This feature allows the officer to be unseen in dark environments.
  • Automatic downloading using a camera dock (included) to instantly sync footage while officers take care of other office needs. Ideal for quick access and immediate file storage.
  • Automatic IR Light Emitters (User selectable) to see in extreme darkness or nighttime settings.
  • 1 button recording allows for rapid video capture, whether the unit is in stand-by or not. A simple 5-second hold will activate the camera recording if the unit is powered off. This enables the officer immediately access to the video recording feature.
  • The complete cost for the 10-8 Body Camera is transparent. We do not utilize recurring fees or hidden expenses.
  • 8 Port docking stations are available to help keep your department organized. A great option for any team of officers on duty.
  • Various mounts are offered as camera additions. Klik Fast is an industry standard attachment system. MOLLE is made for tactical vests, a permanent mount for indefinite use, and a MAGNET mount with 50lbs of holding force.
  • 64 GB storage is standard, and more than enough for multiple shifts utilizing our H265 compression technology.
  • 1296P Video Resoltuion. Never miss the action with a clear video presentation from this feature.
  • H265 allows for file compression to save on file space without compromising video quality. Enjoy less expensive storage while maintaining high quality video.
  • No contract commitment is required. The 10-8 Body Camera is guaranteed for user satisfaction without long-term obligations.
  • A 1 year no fault no questions asked warranty is included, and covers virtually anything that happens to the camera. As long as you can produce a part for us to replace, we can replace it for you at no charge.

The 10-8 BCS Body Camera The 10-8 BCS Body Camera The 10-8 BCS Body Camera

Questions About Body Cameras?

We've written two documents to help you with questions you may have with body cameras and their usage:

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