Warrior 360 Body Camera

The Warrior 360 Body Camera

The Warrior 360 Body Camera

The Warrior allows officers to review their own videos in the field with a wireless mobile device, on an in-car mobile data computer in their assigned patrol vehicle, as well as on departmental computers. Officers are able to "tag" recorded videos with incident information such as case numbers, brief descriptions, type of call, etc. The officer can upload the stored video and recharge the internal battery via a multi-unit dock inside the department, but is secured so that videos are not able to be altered or deleted in the field.

The Warrior 360° body worn cameras internal battery will last a full 12 hour shift, with 4 hours of continuous record time. The unit has a mini-USB port for quick recharge with a standard cell phone type charger, but does not allow access to video files. The Warrior 360° body worn camera does not have infrared (IR) illuminators or external lighting so that the video accurately reflects what the officers sees at the time of the recording.

The Warrior 360° body worn camera does not have a built-in screen for viewing as we feel that this not only adds artificial illumination to the video above what the officer can see, but also acts as a beacon during low-light situations that puts officer safety at extreme risk. The video can however be played back via Wi-Fi through a mobile application on a smartphone, tablet or other portable device. This mobile application can also be viewed remotely for short distances, limited by the capabilities of Wi-Fi technology.


World's first 360° camera for Law Enforcement, Federal Agency and Military K9 Use

Low profile, harness/torso worn to reduce potential of camera being knocked off during searches/pursuits in tight places. No video capture blockage from K9 head.

Real Time or historic 360° evidentiary search… Bomb Squad, Buildings, Vehicles, Security Checkpoints, Events, etc.

The Warrior 360 Body Camera

The Warrior 360° body worn camera is adaptable and can be mounted in a variety of locations based on the officers and departments needs and preferences. It is designed to be mounted on the officer's shoulder to provide a complete 360° view of the situation around the officer. However, it can also be chest mounted to provide a 240° field-of-view recording as well.

The mounting solution is comprised of a cradle with a clip (to be secured to a uniform epaulette) that has magnets attached. A second sleeve can be worn on the straps of the officer's body armor to further secure the unit and prevent it from pivoting or being accidentally knocked off. This two-part system can be adapted to exterior body armor, polo shirts, etc.

Warrior 360 Body Camera - Key Features

  • 12 hour operation time - 4 hours continuous record
  • HD video, 720p at 30 fps up to 1080p at 60 fps
  • Light sensitive to .5 lux, does not have the ability to see better than officer's eyes
  • No lights or LCD screen to mark officer as a target, haptic response confirms actions
  • 30 second pre-record of video only
  • Battery can be recharged with standard cell phone charger in vehicle (mini-USB)
  • World's first true 360° body camera for law enforcement
  • Seamless 360° video
  • Captures the full picture of an incident, 360° around the officer
  • Adaptable to a variety of mounting options
  • Web based, intuitive Digital Case & Evidence Management solution - Fortify
  • Designed by cops, for cops
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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